The Old Contentible's 50th
11th-13th March 2005
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The Wedding itself

Just to be absolutely clear, there will be no wedding at Consummation Too? The Old Contentible’s 50th. So no wedding presents! Although Consummation Too? is a birthday party, the only expectation is the pleasure of your company and that a good time will be had by all. Mind you, Jerry’s not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but be very careful: make sure you’ve still got both arms if you’ve agreed to take one off him…

That Name!

Why Consummation Too? Because it was Consummation: it’s a Brand Image Thing. As was said first time around, how could we resist? The alternatives considered then were •ConJugal Rights (not much better, we know) •ConFusion (been done) •ConGratulations •Self-ConGratulations •ConTrafibularities (with apologies to E. Blackadder). If you feel uncomfortable with the name or can come up with a better one, feel free to think of an alternative ... H’mmm, there’s a game in there somewhere...


The convention as a whole will be non-smoking. There is a small bar area where smoking will be permitted. Anybody found smoking anywhere else will be tarred, feathered and escorted off the premises. Jerry is a long term recovering nicotine addict and several of the organisers are asthmatic or allergic to cigarette smoke .... ‘Nuff said?