Gaming Space

The Barn, which has space for around seventy people, is on the ground floor and will be the main gaming room apart from Saturday evening when it will be used for the Ceilidh.

The Dug-Out adjoins the Barn and will fit around twenty people. This will be a quiet room during the day, but it will become the Smoke Free Real Ale Folk Bar on Friday and Saturday evening and thus might be viewed as noisy and anti-social depending on your attitude to concertinas and folk songs.

The QM’s Stores is another large room and is also air-conditioned. It will seat around fifty people and will be the second main gaming room. It’s on the first floor.

Off the QM’s Stores are two smaller rooms, the Firing Step and the Shellhole, suitable for tabletop role play, wargames, and such like.

The Chateau which will fit around twenty-five people, is well padded, easily defended, and on the first floor next to the toilets, so ideal as a family room. ( Family Friendly Policy)

Engineers and sappers will be required to be familiar with the floor plans.