Beer and Food

Having real ale available is a condition of the booking. However past experience over many years of attending conventions leads us to anticipate that demand will exceed supply no matter what we say to the hotel. Needless to say we've got back up plans...

CAMRA members will know about the Sheffield microbreweries and Jerry agreed to undertake an exhaustive survey sampling the many brews available locally and has been busy making all the contacts he needs to ensure we can get more if needed.

Mushrooms and black pudding are available at breakfast. The hotel understands the difference between vegetarian and vegan and will do it's best to accommodate any dietary requirements provided it knows about them in advance. So you need to let us know so we can let them know! See the booking form: the bit that says "Please add anything you think we ought to know on a piece of paper with your name on it."

A range of bar snacks & cooked meals will be available to order throughout the day. Tables for dinner must be booked in advance: a requisition form must be completed in triplicate...

There will not be a formal sit down meal and we've promised Jerry that he doesn't have to do any cooking.... nope, no banquet, no quails, no cream.
It should go without saying, but we need to say it anyway; please don't bring your own food or drink into the hotel.